Perjalanan menuju aktualisasi diri penyandang disabilitas tuna daksa
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This research aims to explore the journey of self-actualization among people with disabilities, with a focus on the influence of parenting patterns and the family environment they receive. The subjects of this research were ASB, LA and FS. These three subjects have something in common, namely being able to accept their limitations, but having different life backgrounds from each other. Subjects from communicative and comfortable families show a positive tendency in achieving self-actualization, while subjects from Broken Home families are faced with different challenges. The methods used in collecting data are observation and interviews. Meanwhile, the method used to analyze the data is a qualitative descriptive method with a phenomenological approach. The results of this research highlight the important role of parenting patterns in shaping individual character and motivation in achieving their maximum potential. The conclusion underlines the need for open communication within the family to build self-confidence and reduce feelings of inferiority in people with disabilities.

PDF (Indonesian)