Deteksi kinerja kesehatan UMKM sejak dini : Strategi mengoptimalkan performa melalui pengelolaan bukti
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The financial aspect of a business is crucial and mandatory to implement. The health of a business is undoubtedly influenced by its financial condition. The company's performance can be detected by its ability to sustain in the future through financial performance. Kelompok Tani Rahayu, located in Desa Bunton, Malang Regency, faced challenges, including frequent misunderstandings among members due to the lack of meticulous financial record-keeping. This issue persisted, leading to division among the members. A community engagement program provided a solution by training the members in the prudent collection of financial evidence. The training took place on October 20th at the home of one of the group members. The training session began with an explanation of the importance of managing financial evidence and a simulation of how to categorize transaction proofs. The outcome of the training revealed that Kelompok Tani Rahayu has started forming a financial management committee and began collecting evidence for every income and expenditure.

PDF (Indonesian)