Peran negara dalam melindungi keamanan dan keselamatan psikis anak korban terdampak kekerasan dalam rumah tangga (KDRT) dalam perspektif hukum positif Indonesia
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Domestic violence is serious violation of human rights and discrimination against human dignity which causes physical and psychological sufferings to someone. Statistics shows that women and children are vulnerable to becoming victims of domestic violence. Children are the most helpless and affected by domestic violence among the victims, because they have to endure sufferings they should not be experiencing during their development phase which makes them physically and psychologically injured. This research aims to examine the role of the state in fulfilling the rights of domestic violence victims in accordance with Law Number 23 of 2004 regarding the Domestic Violence, using the experimental and normative legal research which is linked to desk research. This research finds the prejudicial impact on the psychological state of the child domestic violence victims are often underestimated, and the role of the state in providing protection tends to be less effective and optimal. This research can be used as reference for the public, academics and legal practitioners who are faced with similar cases.


PDF (Indonesian)