Hubungan stress dengan penyakit maag (gastritis) pada mahasiswa psikologi khususnya pada anak kos
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Stress can cause anxiety, which is closely related to lifestyle. Anxiety disorders can lead to various physiological responses, including digestive disorders. Gastric acid production will increase under stress, increased gastric acid levels can irritate the gastric mucosa and if this is allowed over time it can cause gastritis. This study is an observational analytic study with a cross sectional design.

Gastritis can attack all age levels and gender, the highest incidence in productive age due to the level of busyness and lifestyle that pays less attention to health and stress that easily occurs due to the influence of environmental factors. This study was conducted to determine the relationship between stress and the incidence of gastritis in psychology students, especially those who are often experienced by boarders. The population in this study were Undana psychology students. Sampling using the interview method.

PDF (Indonesian)